FREE 5-Day Detox Available for a Limited Time for Harlingen Residents:
This challenge is more than just a downloadable guide – over the next several days, you’ll be getting pro tips, strategies, and coaching to help you eliminate added sugar from your diet…. All for FREE!
It is SO WORTH THE EFFORT to ditch added sugar. Here are just some of the reasons why! 
  • It can lead to weight gain. Added sugars load your body up with calories that have virtually NO nutritional benefit. In fact, sugar can rob your body of vital minerals (like calcium and magnesium). NO THANK YOU.
  • It can raise your risk of heart disease. Excess sugar can increase inflammation in your body as well as your triglyceride, blood pressure and blood sugar levels. PLUS, it’s linked to atherosclerosis, which can clog your arteries.
  • It is linked with type 2 diabetes. Your body goes through hormonal swings when you eat sugar – releasing insulin and other substances to help your body remove it from your bloodstream. If you’re consuming too much sugar, you can potentially develop insulin resistance and diabetes over time. 
  • Too much sugar can 1) cause acne and 2) speed up the rate your skin ages because it interferes with collagen and elastin, which affect how firm your skin looks.
  • It’s linked with certain cancers. Research is still ongoing, but a diet high in sugar can lead to other factors (such as obesity, insulin resistance, and inflammation) that are associated with some forms of cancer.
  • It speeds the aging process. Studies show it makes your cells age more quickly – and potentially does the same to your body. 
  • And on and on … it can harm your liver, it’s linked with depression, it’s not good for your teeth, can affect your hunger hormones, etc. etc. etc.
Saving People's Lives
[Who You Are Here] Ex: Award Winning Fitness Coach & Author in San Diego
Our Mission at Training For warriors is to save People's lives. Our goal is to help people Burn Fat, Build Muscle, and Feel Good.

As a practicing pharmacist, I realized that our health system was broken and I wanted to help my community through functional exercise and nutrition education.

I'm proud to have helped hundreds of students and patients gain control of their health. Students have more energy, sleep better, feel better, and more often than not get off their medications.

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